Exclusive One Handed Use

Hi has anyone had any experience of using a FP4 or FP5 exclusively with 1 hand??
Are there any times when you need to press 2 things at the same time??
Martin - left handed only

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Hi Martin,

I mainly use my FP one-handed. The only thing that you need to use both hands is zooming ni or out in my opinion.

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Thanks Emre, how do you zoom in and out??

You zoom in and out with the tips of your index finger and your thumb (simultaneously) – you either move them towards each other (zoom out) or move them apart (zoom in). Some apps offer that functionality in other ways as well, e.g. through + and - buttons (in addition to the “pinching” gesture I described).

Android also has a “one hand mode” for a while now. This allows you to pull down the upper end of the screen closer to your hand, making everything “reachable” with one hand (but of course, also reducing the screen area available for displaying stuff).


The pinching gesture works one-handed if the phone is lying on a table, but otherwise it’s difficult, indeed.

Not to say that FP4 has very low (multi)touch sensitivity when lying on the table…

Generally, the phones are just too large to be used in a single hand (unless you have a really large hand). The usual blocker is the back arrow in the top left corner… But if you’re left-handed, it might work…


I only use my fairphone 5 with my right hand. No problem!

Hi everyone, thanks for you thoughts and ideas.
I think a trip to Manchester might be on the cards, as FP say that “Sky Mobile” stock the phones.

As much as I dislike Murdoch, I think I’ll give them a go.


Screenshots require both hands – at least if you want to use the feature to save extended screenshots. In previous Android versions this was easy by just holding the power butting and picking the Screenshot option. One-handed: no problem!

Now this is so much more awkward: You need to hold the phone with one hand and then use both hands to push the power and the volume(-) button at the same time. This is simply impossible with one hand, at least if you don’t want to drop the phone. It really a step backwards concerning usability.

You can use the screenshot function in the app switcher, that should work one handed.


You are right, and I know about this option. But – as I have stated in my previous post – this screenshot funktion does not offer to capture extended screenshots (for example in a browser) which means that I can extend the screenshot beyond the visible margins of the contents displayed. This is only possible by almost breaking your hands to carry out the other “manouver” as described.

Today is the day that I’m going to try it out, and I’ll ask about these things, not that I expect them to know much!!!

Android has also supported a one-handed action pretty much everywhere pinch to zoom works for years now, where you can double tap and swipe down or up on the second tap in order to zoom in or out.


Thanks for that, but I can’t hold it and do the pinch/stretch at the same time!!!

Yes, it was completely as I feared, the people in the shop know nothing in-particular about the Fairphone, but he did try and sell me a new TV screen!!!

They seem to sell it on the thoughts that you will trade it in after 2 or 3 years, which seem to defeat the whole Fairphone idea.

I’m a little disappointed that they are allowed to sell them at Sky Mobile. As ever, Sky seem to think of themselves and not others or the environment.

I’m a bit stuck now!!! :confused: :confused: :confused: :confounded:

again, I’m not talking about pinching to zoom. you perform the gesture I’ve described with a single finger.

Didn’t know that. Great feature.

I highly recommend the Quick Cursor App for one handed use!

Thanks for that, I’m still tempted to buy a phone and give it a PROPER one handed go!!!

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