Exchange synchronization stops after several months

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Unfortunately I have a rather specific problem with the calendar of my Fairphone 3+. It seems that the Exchange account loses the synchronization with the Exchange server after several months. In the settings it says “Synchronization is currently experiencing problems. It will be continued shortly”. Currently this is the case since February 27th, I don’t think anything will happen. I can solve the whole thing by deleting the Exchange account and creating it again with the same settings. I have also found this as a suggested solution. However, all appointments that I have created since the occurrence of the error, which I do not notice immediately, are gone. I have to synchronize them manually with the Exchange server. This has happened twice now. My old smartphone with Android 7 has synchronized all this time without problems with the same server settings.

Does anyone of you have an idea how I can reasonably solve the problem? Or maybe in which log files I can look to find out why the synchronization breaks?

I would be very happy about any help, because I am currently stuck.

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Hi and welcome to the forum.

Do you have the date and time synced with the network or did you manually set it, as it may drift out of global time.

Settings > System > Date and time > Use network provided time


thanks for your answer. I checked this setting, network time is used. I also deactivated and activated it again but it didn’t help with the problem.

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Hi Andrew,

Also thanks for your help and hints! I already updated my login credentials multiple times, so that is maybe not the reason in my case. In the settings “intelligent battery mangement” was activated but I found no further settings where I can possibly exclude the exchange app. By the way, I think there ist no app for this but the exchange accounts are somehow integrated into android as a service/job/task . (I’m unfortunately not familiar with the structure of android, but know operating systems of desktop PCs better.). However, I deactivated the “intelligent battery mangement” for a while and afterwards synchronization worked again, which is great!

If there would be a way to exclude the exchange service from the battery mangement this would be the cleaner way than just deactivating/activating. Do you know how to do this? Anyway, just temporarily deactivating it every few months won’t cost too much time as well.

I won’t need it for now, but are you sure musconvtool is the right tool for this? I had a look on the website and found synchronization of music, but no calender was mentioned there.

Best regards and again many thanks for your help!


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I guess the link is spam and it was already flagged like this.


Interesting, but the post really helped! In this case, I’m happy to overlook a sentence of spam. Out of interest and to double-check I just asked chatGPT the same question. There were a few general tips, though not the hint from Andrew that helped me.

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