Exchange and Skiplock

Hi all,

after adding an Exchange account so I can sync my calendar with Outlook, Skiplock does not work any longer.

SkipLock lets you skip past the lock screen when you’re connected to a trusted wifi (for example at home). But Exchange enforces to use a PIN or password to unlock. This is a known limitation of Skiplock:

If your employer enforces a password policy on your phone, the app won’t
work. This is the case for many corporate Exchange users. If your phone
is rooted, you may be able to avoid this problem.

So apparently there may be a work-around. Can any one enlighten me how to do this?

I presume that you had to install some certificates and that is why you have to use the PIN lock at all times. Is that right? After a quick web search, I found out, that in that case you would have to copy the certificates to the phone through ADB.

Hi Stefan,

no, I did not install any certificate. During the setup of the exchange account you get to choose between either PIN or password unlock. And as I saw it that step could not be skipped.