Exasperated... continuing and multiple issues in FP2

This post is long due but I suppose that ‘better later than never’ is still a good approach.
I bought the Fairphone 2 out of conviction as I wanted to support the idea of creating a ‘fair’ smartphone. However, even though I do think it is important to back the project and I still don’t regret having done it, it would have been nice if the idea was executed in a more user-friendly (for lack of a better word) way.
I am writing this because since the beginning of my use of the phone, I keep experiencing different issues which have now led to my complete exasperation with the phone,
The worst of all is that it keeps randomly switching itself off - sometimes it happens when I move or touch it, sometimes without any obvious reason. This is often accompanied by sudden drops in battery life and I have thus more than once been in a situation in which I suddenly find myself without a phone when I most need it.
Also, I’ve so far had two protective cases: first one I broke myself after dropping it, but the second one’s side rubber line just started opening up only 2 months after I bought it. A couple of months later, it will soon have to be exchanged again, even after I tried glueing the parts together…
Furthermore, I had to this summer buy a new bottom module as the microphone stopped working. I waited for the delivery for 3 months, in which time I could only make phone calls by using headphones…
Last but not least, I keep experiencing issues with the touchscreen which often becomes unresponsive while charging it. Provided the fact that I have to charge the battery at least 3 times per day as it drops very quickly, this turns out to also be quite annoying…
I am writing this not to point fingers, but to you make aware of the fact that for people like myself who are, on the one hand, not particularly tech savvy, and on the other, can’t afford to spend so much time and money on a phone, it becomes increasingly difficult to continue using this device. To me, it is also increasingly difficult to recommend it or talk to others about it, provided the fact that my personal experience as a ‘user’ has been anything but easy…
I am sorry about all the rant but I had to get this out of my system after the phone’s battery again dropped from 55% to 9% in about 5 minutes.
Apart from this, any specific recommendations how to remedy some of the issues are more than welcome…
Thank you,

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Fairphone has discontinued the original rubber bumpers for a while now. Turn to support, you should get one of the new slim covers for free. The new covers don’t have that problem.

This one in most cases is on the charger, the Fairphone 2 is a bit picky with them. Use a different one with sufficient current (min. 1A / 1000 mA).


Well a better approach would have been to come here with each issue right away. This is a very helpful community and we could have probably spared you some trouble.

In general you’ll find some help in the #rebootsguide. If by “when you touch it” you mean small shocks e.g. when putting the phone down then I’d bet on a loose battery. A folded strip of paper in the gap to hold it in place should fix that.

Reboots generally use quite a bit of battery, but if it’s more than that than again I’d guess it’s the battery.

This is a known issue with the old cover. Just send support a request with a picture and you’ll get a new and improved cover which doesn’t have this issue.

Like the cover this would have probably been replaced under warranty (2 years).

This is a known issue caused by faulty charging equipment. If e.g. the cable is not working properly anymore excess voltage causes static and the screen shuts down the touch-functionality to prevent “ghost touches”. Try different cables & plugs.

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