Every time my girlfriend's Fairphone connects to WiFi, it wants to install a game called "TrainStation"

This is bizarre: The Fairphone was set to allow installation from unknown sources (probably so that Aptoide works). Whatsapp and other things were installed from there. There was also DiskDigger and Emoji Keyboard, two things I don’t think are normally installed. The rest looked OK.

She usually uses mobile data, but abroad we need to use WiFi sometimes. The first time she connected via WiFi, an install dialog popped up for a game called “TrainStation”. I have no clue where this dialog came from.

What could this be? Some malware? I’ve disabled unknown sources for now and am updating to 1.8.7, but it would be good to diagnose what’s going on.

It’s probably not malware per se, but adware.
You can long tap on the notification to see which app causes it.
Then you can decide whether to just delete that app or use an Adblocker like AdAway to suppress the notification.


My phone tried to install WhatsApp by itself a year ago (?). My theory was that Google auto-installs most used (and most user data gathering) apps according to its EULA or something… Your app smells like adware, though.

Ah, thanks for the long-press hint, didn’t know about that. Next time it pops up I’ll know more.

There aren’t any Google services or Google Play installed, so it probably isn’t that here. Also, WhatsApp was installed directly from the WhatsApp website. But it was also later picked up by Aptoide and may have been updated by Aptoide at some point.

I deleted Emoji Keyboard and DiskDigger, let’s see if things stop now.

to avoid phone adware you need use special firewall for smartphone, for instance something like that http://soft2secure.com/knowledgebase/ads-by-leadbolt

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