European Commission vs. Google

Once again more Google related …

"In today’s Statement of Objections, the Commission alleges that Google has breached EU antitrust rules by:

requiring manufacturers to pre-install Google Search and Google’s Chrome browser and requiring them to set Google Search as default search service on their devices, as a condition to license certain Google proprietary apps;

preventing manufacturers from selling smart mobile devices running on competing operating systems based on the Android open source code;

giving financial incentives to manufacturers and mobile network operators on condition that they exclusively pre-install Google Search on their devices."




Yep, I’m not sure how fair this is compared with Apple. They control everything on their devices … but they are also not a Search Engine/Mail provider …

BTW: This is Google’s answer to the Statement of Objections by the EU. Funny thing: They quote Amazon as a successful port. But they are not entirely wrong, I guess. They just don’t mention a few other things.

iCloud is actually an e-mail provider.


Apple produces its own devices.
Microsoft (in the 90s) and Google let others produce the device. If these produces want to use their OS, they also have to install these other apps. So, they are “forcing” other producers to spread their software. As far as I understannd, this is the big difference with Apple.


This could be the reason why FP removed root and shoved Google Apps down our throats. It could have earned them money, benefits and the chance of playing the guinea pig for the old Google modular phone Project Ara. Just a guess, I’d love to be formally disproved.

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No need for conspiracy theories. Once you decide to ship [your phone] with Google you’re bound. Just search for Google’s Android Mobile Application Distribution Agreement with different OEMs (HTC, Samsung). Some of those were published during the Oracle case. If you want happy customers … and this often equals an always working app store & services and an app store that only shows what really works in your area/on your device … you need to do as Google wants you to, at least for the Google rom.

  1. I guess you are talking about FP?
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