EU version: warranty voids when rooting fairphone 2?

With the EU version we have a warranty of 2 years. My question is, if that warranty voids when I root the fairphone 2.
Maybe someone has red the terms and conditions thoroughly or even have an official statement of the creators.
Thanks in advance!

Rooting doesn’t void the warranty.

FP officially provides FP Open OS (without G%§$e services) for which root can easily be enabled in the developer options.

If you root the standard FP OS and then run into an issue that FP support considers likely to be software related they could ask you to reinstall the OS without root though.

Oh and what is “EU version”?


Thanks for the quick reply! No worries about voiding the warranty then :slight_smile:

Mentioning EU version I only wanted to emphasize on the different warranty of two years we have in the EU as well as possibly different terms and conditions. I don’t think there is a different version of the FP in the EU.

Even more, the FP is only for sale in the EU :wink:

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Not entirely true, FP ships to Switzerland, Norway, and a few non-EU microstates, but the conditions are the same everywhere.

Not quite right …

In short: EU, Switzerland and Norway with the exclusion of non-EU VAT territories and Overseas regions (OMT/DOM) and Overseas countries and territories (OCT/TOM).

Indeed, the EEA would be more correct :slight_smile:
But since these countries have to apply the EU-law, the 2-year warranty should also be in place?

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