✏ Ethical/fair/green consumer banks in Europe

Hey you all, I’d like to make a collection of fair/eco/green/ethical consumer banks in Europe and gather information about them:

  • Where do they invest?
  • Which banking forms (account forms) do they offer?
  • Where do they offer their services (e.g. only specific countries, whole of Europe…)?

Please feel free to add more information, it’s a #wiki! :smiley:

A good starting-point to look for a bank could be the homepage of GABV (Global Alliance for Banking on Values). And here is a worldwide list of the banks, that are members of this Alliance.

:netherlands: ASN (brand of De Volksbank)

  • — invests in —
  • — banking forms —


  • You decide what they invest in via the app
  • Online bank (no physical), API, iOS/Android app, third party Electron app (cross-platform), website
  • :netherlands: :de: :it: :es: :fr:


  • — invests in —
  • — banking forms —
  • — service countries —

:de: GLS

  • invests in:
    • renewable energy
    • sustainable economy
    • food
    • education & culture
    • social affairs & health
    • habitation
    • you can choose which projects to support with your money (e.g. only invest in vegan food projects)
  • banking forms: checking account, savings account, building society savings, pension, stocks, bonds, shares, …
  • :de: (very limited in :eu:)

Steyler Bank

  • — invests in —
  • — banking forms —
  • — service countries —


  • — invests in —
  • — banking forms —
  • — service countries —

:netherlands: Triodos

  • — invests in —
  • — banking forms —

:de: Umweltbank

  • Invests in innovative environmental projects
  • — banking forms —

:austria: Umweltcenter Gunskirchen

  • Mostly regional energy projects
  • Checking account, online saving account, bank book

:austria: BKS Bank

  • haven’t found out yet, but here is a list of what they don’t invest in (2nd bullet point)
  • — banking forms —
  • Carinthia, Styria and Vienna
  • I (@Stanzi) would only rate it 3/5 sustainability-stars, since it’s “just a normal bank” which focuses on sustainability, but it’s the best you can get in Austria AFAIK

:uk: Monzo Bank Ltd.

Monzo is more about making managing money really simple rather than being “green”. But they probably have much lower carbon emissions because they have no branches.

  • Rated highly on Ethical Consumer, see Monzo’s ethical policy here
  • Current account, savings accounts, loans, overdrafts
  • will be expanding to :us: