Ethernet RJ45 to micro USB


I would like to know if it is possible to connect my Fairphone 2 to the Internet by means of an Ethernet RJ45 to micro USB adapter, instead of connecting to the WiFi. I know it is possible for certain smartphones, but is it the case for the Fairphone 2?

For example with this adapter:
Or with another adapter you could recommend me ?

Thank you in advance.

Last time someone tried anything like that, the interface couldn’t be configured:

Thank you for your quick answer, it seems like I didn’t use the search tool properly :smiley:

On the other hand, Android is Linux, with ip, iptables, and so on. Even though the Android UI does not provide the settings making the configuration of a new network interface easier, maybe this can be done with the command-line…

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Oh, I see you want to connect to the internet using usb, not the other way around.

Update: Could you post the usb info for your “PLUGABLE USB 2.0 OTG MICRO-B TO 10/100 ETHERNET ADAPTER”? Maybe it just needs to be added? It looks like there is support for some kind of ASIX chipsets in there. Not sure if it can be used but it could be worth trying it.

Another chipset is the DM9601 chipset.

Update: I ran a quick search and it looks like there could be dm9601 support in the FP2 kernel.
(Update: The name differs and there is a ASIX driver, see below!). Maybe you can try to find an adapter based on a dm9601? Just a guess, I don’t own a FP2.

Davicom DM9601 USB 1.1 ethernet devices

/* Corega FEther USB-TXC */
/* Davicom USB-100 */
/* ZT6688 USB NIC */
/* ShanTou ST268 USB NIC */
/* ADMtek ADM8515 USB NIC */
/* Hirose USB-100 */
/* DM9601 USB to Fast Ethernet Adapter */
/* DM9601 USB to Fast Ethernet Adapter */
/* DM9000E */

Note: Just because it can be found in the git tree it doesn’t mean that it is included in the kernel. Someone has to test it. Or look into the build details.

Looking around I found this as well:


Devices listed in the code are:

// Linksys USB200M
// Netgear FA120
// DLink DUB-E100
// Intellinet, ST Lab USB Ethernet
// Hawking UF200, TrendNet TU2-ET100
// Billionton Systems, USB2AR
// ATEN UC210T
// Buffalo LUA-U2-KTX
// Buffalo LUA-U2-GT 10/100/1000
// Sitecom LN-029 "USB 2.0 10/100 Ethernet adapter"
// Sitecom LN-031 "USB 2.0 10/100/1000 Ethernet adapter"
// corega FEther USB2-TX
// Surecom EP-1427X-2
// goodway corp usb gwusb2e
// JVC MP-PRX1 Port Replicator
// ASIX AX88772B 10/100
// ASIX AX88772 10/100
// ASIX AX88178 10/100/1000
// Logitec LAN-GTJ/U2A
// Linksys USB200M Rev 2
// 0Q0 cable ethernet
// DLink DUB-E100 H/W Ver B1
// DLink DUB-E100 H/W Ver B1 Alternate
// Linksys USB1000
// Belkin F5D5055
// Apple USB Ethernet Adapter
// Cables-to-Go USB Ethernet Adapter
// ABOCOM for pci
// ASIX 88772a
// Asus USB Ethernet Adapter
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I bought a “Ugreen USB 2.0 OTG Micro-B to 10/100Mbps RJ45 Ethernet LAN Wired Network Adapter”, which linux says is a “ASIX Electronics Corp. AX88772”, and unfortunately, although the lights come on, it doesn’t work on my FP2 (1.7.1), even if I put it into Airline Mode :frowning:

So it could be that the device ‘works’, but there’s no way of making use of its functionality out of the box. If you have root access on the phone, it may be possible to set up a connection either manually (probably via ifconfig or netcfg and route) or via an app that does the same (seems there are one or two on the playstore if you search for ethernet) - the same way you’d set it up on (older) linuxes. There’s a couple of topics about this on XDA (like this one), maybe those are somehow useful. Did you already try any manual configuration by any chance?
Other than this general comment I have no way to test or help out on this - sorry I don’t have a more specific answer!

Hi, I do have the same Problem, we need Smartphones which officialy support some different USB to LAN Adapters. Especially since it’s known that electromagnetic waves are causing cancer, lot of people would like to connect their phones to LAN cables at home or in the office. And I also believe that this would be the customer group which is adressed by fairphone - reasonable people with knowledge.
So, are there other people who think that the FP2 should support LAN Adapters?


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