ETAR Calendar: default no reminder

On the ETAR calendar app I can set the default reminder time from -1 minutes to 4 weeks. Fine, but how do I set the default reminder to none?

Best to raise that question directly with them.

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That’s what I thought too, but I could not find any contact… You have a way?

Open the app, open the hamburger menu top left, > About Etar > Report issues.


Or just follow the link in the respective App store


I reported two issues:

  1. setting default alarm to “none”
  2. impossibility to change the calendar an event belongs to.

Thanks again.
A lot needs to be done on interface design…


You can do that with Thunderbird/Lightning if you’re using that on your PC. I expect other apps allow it too; I agree would be a useful feature if not vital.

Yes, I can do it at home, but when, for example, I’m at the dentist and she gives me the next appointment, and I happen to forget to choose the right calendar, it is annoying that I have to wait until I’m home, and also have to remember to change it. I can also do it at the dentist’s, by deleting the appointment and entering it again in the right calendar. But being able to edit everything except the calendar is simply a bug.

Not being able to set default alarms to none is even dangerous, because it incurs the wrath of my wife when her machine rings for something that does not concern her. :slight_smile:

Just in case that switching to a different app would be an option: aCalendar+ has both: you can set the default to “no reminder” and you can change the calendar of an existing entry.


Thanks to Jochen for pointing out that tapping the “X” does remove the alarm, at least temporarily that helps.
Ingo, I’ll explore the alternative. Thanks.

Maybe you can try some other todo list app.
I use orgzly, though it has some problem on android 12.

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