Estrange red dot in both cameras after water accident

I dropped my phone into my dog’s water bowl. It was only the upper part into the water and I took it out very quickly and turned off inmediately but it was wet anyways.
As I was in a rush I did the most stupid think I could have done: leave it in a bowl full of… salt!! to help the water evaporate… yes, you have read well and yes, I know: it is not salt but RICE what everybody says works with wet phones (now I have read here that even rice is not that good neither. Check #waterdamage #waterwiki)

Anyways, I did it…
Now I have removed all the salt grains from everywhere but of course there are some metal parts that look a bit “salt-rusted” with a white aura around. But there is something estrange: I have notice a red dot close to the selfie camera and in the back side of the back camera module.
Does anyone know what can they be?
Are they water sensors as other phones have nowadays for the companies to know when a phone has been damaged by water and how much it is damaged?
If you have any answer to this and any suggestion about how to clean the “white auras” I would appreciate it a lot.

Thank you!!

I have no idea what the red dots may be or if the camera modules can be saved, but you should try to clean the phone with alcohol. Then make sure you let it dry again and only if it looks clean and is definitely dry try to start it again and test what is working and what is not.

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Could these be liquid contact indicators? …

As modules can be treated separately, they would each need their own indicator for support to be able to ascertain water damage.


Now that your warranty is void anyway, you can open the modules themselves, too.

And frankly, I would probably consult a phone repair shop for a proper cleaning of your FP2. You never know if the salt actually got inside modules (perhaps even the core module), so actually a “full wash” in alcohol or something like that might be necessary.

If you haven’t switched on the phone after the drop, you have a very good chance of it surviving, so I’d really consider the professional cleaning.

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Yeah, I have been researching about this as “water sensor” but nothing came up. So this is how it is called then… I will read through the article. Thank you!!!

Thank you! I have contacted the Fairphone support as well. Let’s see what they say. I will keep you updated :wink:

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