Esim: cant remover sim without the phone turning off

Fair people!

I tried to switch to an esim. But before it installs, the provider wants me to take out the simcard.

  • When I remove the simcard with a fairphone, I have to remove the battery and of course the fairphone turns off. When I restart the phone and open the app of the provider, it forgot I was installing a Esimcard.
  • When I don’t remove the simcard it seems to install everything. Then I remove the simcard and restart it again. It won’t connect to the network (only emergency calls only)

What to do?

Besides it a dutch provider called KPN.

Oke, I switched the phone off. Putted the simcard back in and restarted it. I got a SMS my new esimcard was activated. Took the old physical simcard out, restarted and it worked!


Can’t help in your specific case, but that’s how I did install an eSIM on my FP4:

Started the (brand new) phone without any SIM, connected it to WiFi, on my computer I requested online an eSIM from my operator, who gave me a QR code, which I scanned with my FP4 from the laptop’s screen, and this installed the eSIM.

So, for the phone all it required was a WiFi connection so it could go resolve the QR code I requested on my laptop. There was no app on the phone, everything happened through that QR code.
Clearly on your side the procedure is a little different, but the general idea should be the same: Get the eSIM info, confirm the eSIM validity, ready. You don’t need a SIM in the phone to do that, just WiFi.

Edit: Oops, too slow… :crazy_face:


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