🇪🇸 🇬🇧 The phone will not turn on


Sorry, but I do not know much English, I will try to explain better. I do not know find information on the forum, not knowing English.

Sometimes when I give the power button does not turn on. Sometimes, pressing the button “Volume Up” lights, but sometimes not. I have to open the phone and remove the battery.

Is there a solution or call the guarantee to change mobile?

Thank you


Lo siento, pero no sé mucho inglés, intentaré explicarme mejor. Tampoco sé buscar información en el foro, al no saber inglés.

A veces, cuando doy al botón de encendido, no se enciende. A veces, apretando el botón de “subir volúmen” se enciende, pero a veces no. Tengo que abrir el móvil y sacar la batería.

¿Hay solución o llamo a la garantía para cambiar de móvil?


Me too…

I just started using my new FP2 yesterday. Succeeded to upgrade FP OS from 1.0 to 1.6.2, installed calendar apps and had just started to get the hang of it. (First time smartphone user.)

I had problems with the screen rotation, but that was apparently solved by trigging the compass. A few minutes ago I calibrated the proximity sensor. It said it was successful, but after it’s restart it got stuck in the reboot page. It doesn’t feel inputs onscreen.

The battery is fully charged. Just pulled out the plug a minute before calibrating. Pressing both buttons on top (on/off and volume) first made it sound a blip. Next time it buzzed, but nothing whatsoever happens now.

I have the same problem. I decided now that iwill send back my FP2. I noticed that yoe can access your Fp2 if you put it on charging. Than the display becomes clear. And you can use it After a while it becomes black again. Than you need to remove the charging cable than you can access it again. So it’s quite annoying. Not possible if you need a phone for work.

Are you sure you are all describing the same issue ?
This thread is not very easy to follow :slight_smile:
Is it about the touchscreen getting unresponsive while the phone is plugged to a mains charger ?


Thanks, that helped. But as you say, it’s awkward.

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