Error trying to save new files


My FP2 won’t save pictures in camera app anymore, I get an error message saying there was an error when trying to save. I suspect that it is something to do with the SD-card? There is space left. What to do?

Is the SD card formatted as internal or external storage?

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I’m unsure. How can I find out? It has been working perfectly for a long time until now. I havent done any changes.

I’m not sure. On my FP3 the default Files app looks like this

I assume it would look similar on the FP2 (separate entry for the SD card).

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Yes, I see my card almost like this and I can browse it.

Seems like your SD card is set to “external” then.

I’ve never used the stock camera app on a phone so I’m not 100% sure but I assume the camera settings allow to select the storage (“phone/internal” vs. “SD card/external” or something like that). What’s the setting for you? And maybe just try to change it from whatever it is now to the other option and check if that works.

And out of curiosity, the message you get is actually something like “an error occurred” or is it more specific by chance?


No, it is internal and theres no way to switch it anywhere without forgetting/formatting it. The error message is: “Camera error: There was a problem saving your photo or video”

I also cannot access files via the Android File transfer app. I find all the files but are unable to copy or view them,