Error: "Restricted access changed: data service is blocked"

I keep getting a notification with the message: “Restricted access changed: data service is blocked”. Does anyone know what this means?

When this happens, I seem to have limited access to the internet. I thought it was maybe because I was indoors and had limited signal, but my internet access can be poor even when I am sitting next to the Wifi router!

Does anyone have any explanation? I searched for the problem on other sites and some people suggested it was a bug in one or more apps…

Does one of them suspect an app that you have installed?

Thanks for the quick reply! No, they don’t suggest a particular app (see - one person there obviously had difficulty with Google apps in general, but it’s very vague…

Did you try safe mode?
It works the same as described there. Long press the power button and then long tap “Power off”.

Safe mode seems to be helping - it hasn’t happened in the last 20 minutes, anyway.

So do you think I should just delete apps until it goes away?