Error installing esim (error code 10014)

I have a physical sim and have recently tried to add a second esim ( Iliad) but cannot install it.
I always get the same message:

Failed to activate the service. There is a problem with your SIM profile.
Operation code: 9
Error code: 10014

i tried both with QRcode and manual installation. I’ve tried removing my principal SIM… But same error!
Iliad assistance were useless :(((
Anyone had the same problem?

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Same exact problem today (same operator). Still at loss about what to do

Are the physical SIM and the e-SIM from the same provider?

If they are from different providers, what happens if you remove the physical SIM and then try to connect the e-SIM and then put the physical SIM back?

Nope, but I also tried removing the physical Simyo no avail.

Mine were from the same provider and didn’t work anyway.
I didn’t solve and ended up getting a refund but I think I will try with a different provider

I called my carrier and they opened a ticket. Shortly after my old number was ported to the eSIM I was able to add it by scanning the qr code.

After several months I tried again with a different operator. The esim activated on the first try so now I’m using a tradional sim plus an esim.
Just in case any Italian users happen to have the same problem:
Iliad didn’t work and assistance service wasn’t able to help.
Very mobile worked!

Ciao @Dany5,
sorry for having seen this post just now.

Iliad has just recently released its own eSIM deployment and the eSIM activation process, on Fairphone OS, is managed by Google LPA, which is part of the Google Services pre-installed on the phone.
Google updates these services from time to time so please make sure you have all the Google Services up to date :slightly_smiling_face:

According to other users found on the internet, it looks like the activation process does not always go smoothly (yet) for the Iliad profiles, some people have solved the issue by activating the eSIM profile manually on the platform provided by the carrier itself (the website is unavailable for me abroad, but I suspect that it could be geo-fenced to Italian IPs).

@Dany5 @FrancescoSalvatore
I can confirm this.
Based in Italy and with Iliad as a carrier.
Made the switch to e-SIM some minutes ago and it’s working, correctly activated.
The steps I followed are:

  • Request the e-SIM in the personal area of the Iliad website

  • Received the QR code for the activation

  • Removed the old SIM and manually activated the e-SIM in Fairphone settings. When you try to activate it automatically ask you to scan the QR code received by Iliad. Then insert the activation code received.

At the moment it’s working, with 5G.
The process has taken like 5/10 minutes overall.
Hope this is helpful.

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