Error installing esim (error code 10014)

I have a physical sim and have recently tried to add a second esim ( Iliad) but cannot install it.
I always get the same message:

Failed to activate the service. There is a problem with your SIM profile.
Operation code: 9
Error code: 10014

i tried both with QRcode and manual installation. I’ve tried removing my principal SIM… But same error!
Iliad assistance were useless :(((
Anyone had the same problem?

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Same exact problem today (same operator). Still at loss about what to do

Are the physical SIM and the e-SIM from the same provider?

If they are from different providers, what happens if you remove the physical SIM and then try to connect the e-SIM and then put the physical SIM back?

Nope, but I also tried removing the physical Simyo no avail.

Mine were from the same provider and didn’t work anyway.
I didn’t solve and ended up getting a refund but I think I will try with a different provider

I called my carrier and they opened a ticket. Shortly after my old number was ported to the eSIM I was able to add it by scanning the qr code.