Error in MyFairphoneApp about estimating carbon footprint

The My Fairphone App has an option to let you measure your environmental footprint and track it over time.

It involves a little quiz asking certain questions to assess said footprint, and at the end gives a neat graph showing which parts of your life style contribute to your footprint.

That’s all neat, except for the diet, the lowest emitting diet, plant-based, has a footprint of 125 KG, compared to the supposed European average of 41 KG.

Already that’s wrong, but I thought maybe Fairphone is using some weird measuring methods for footprint, so I checked the other diets, and they’re all above the supposed European average.

Why would Fairphone put the time into making the app if they’re not gonna follow through and make it even halfway functioning?

The phone itself is fantastic though, I love it. Feels really good to use.

Well maybe the majority are into something there :thinking:

Don’t read into other people’s idea’s unless you want to be them. I’ve been vegan for 50 years but carbon footprint isn’t much related to food intake, but food production. A sheep eating grass probably has a better footorint than me growing and eating my own wheat and beans. :joy:

I’d report the issue to support→ #contactsupport :slight_smile:


I think you can readily trust that the vegan diet is more environmentally friendly than even the best methods used in raising animals, not least because of the emissions the animals cause themselves, but also the opportunity cost of what that open grass field could have been, i.e. a re-wilded place ideal for promoting biodiversity and carbon sequestration.

That’s cool you’ve been vegan for 50 years. I imagine it’s become noticeably easier over the past decade or two?

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I don’t like the idea of re-wilding when all that has to be done is leaving land to the wild. It’s not like I have to do anyhting, it’s more about what I can do without.

So my foucus is not on being more environmentaly friendly but on minimise my involvement with the environment and that includes being friendly.

Of course I will exploit the masses of 'human’s and other animals so there are practicle ethics in ensuring the environment can continue to produce what I want to consume. But that’s politics. The human aspiration is not to consume. What other people, animals and plants do, even graviational masses is not of eternal concern.

I comsume in the moment but live outside of time.

Thanks for your response :slight_smile:

Being vegan was always easy, it’s like breathing. It just sharing this atmosphere with all the other consumers and there are twice as many so called humans since I was young. So it is not getting easier in terms of not using animal products. The issue been more my being complict.

For example I don’t consider the Fairphone will help the ‘environment’ . The more people get paid the more they spend. There has to be poor people willing to work.
However giving others a better pay would reasobaly result in each of having to do more ourselves. The the carbon footprint will drop and the abuse of all animals will be on claer path of declination ~ more for the soul of the abuser than the animals and plants undergoing the so called ‘fair use’.

How anyone can consider a person, animal or plant that has little choice due to frailty of being small or weak, or intellectualy ineptitude for human politics, business and ethic is a mystery.

Surely the laws about abuse, although ethical business politics, are touted as being degarding to the person who is the abuser, hence the end of the death penaly. How can we outlow killing if the state kills those that don’t conform.

Well as strong as an ox maybe it doesn’t have the mental capacity to know it’s being abused ‘humans’ use that to their advantage.

Oops! Is this a rant ~ appologies I can always delete it if offends someone politics :slight_smile:

Ah I hadn’t realised all options were higher than the average. I though it was just the vegan one. I lost all respect for Fairphone when I saw that, but glad that it’s all options above the average so likely just a bug

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