Error in Cardbord app in Factory Reset Fairphone 3


I installed the cardboard app on my factory reset fairphone 3:

I want to install the Cardboard Camera, so I choose the option “Browse more Apps” in the Cardboard app. I then get the error message

“To view this content, install and set up a web browsing app”

One (maybe important) info: After this error is shown, the Play Store does not work at all (White Screen of death). It seems to crash the whole Play Store. After restarting the playstore by closing it with the task manager and opening it again, it works again.

I have no idea how to fix this. Chrome is installed. When I install Firefox, it`s the same.

Does somebody have an idea?

Thank you!

The app was last updated in February 2019 and has received mostly one star reviews recently. Google is no longer interested in Cardboard and has open-sourced it November last year:

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Ok, thank you. Good to know.

I have a lot of fotos taken wirth the cardboard camera. And now I can`t view them anymore. Is there an alternative VR Panomara Camera App? I did not find one?