Error camera id=0 since Android 11 update

I can’t start my camera anymore since the update. Keep getting error “camera id=0”.
Is it because I store ny pics on the SD? If so, how can I change that?
Already deleted cache and data, already deinstalled Open Camera.
What can I do? Wait for a bug upgrade? Reset everything?
Have already contacted support, but it’s been a while…

P.S.: You might as well answer in German.

Hi and welcome to the forum.

I have the Open Camera insatlled and it works fine, but usually use the Nikta 8.*

The Open Camera does allow the SD card to be used and I have no problem but there is talk around this.

Will see if I can find the link
Can’t find it.

Do you have the SD card formatted as Portable with the eject icon to the right under Settings > Storage ??

Somethng like dismount SD card
Restart phone
Replace SD card

quote=“hofee, post:1, topic:84899”]
Have already contacted support, but it’s been a while…

The update has only been out a few days and there’s no support for Open camera anyway. Even if you used the default camera I doubt you would get a repsponse in a week and anything meanifull would likely takes weeks

Already tried w/o (external) SD card. Didn’t mention Open Camera in my request, since stock camera also doesn’t work.
And yeah, it might take a while. Saw that last year some people had camera problems after 11 update, so there’s that. Let’s hope for the best.
If I don’t hear anything until June, I’ll make a factory reset.

You mean 10 update. This 11 has only been available for the FP3 for a week ??
And there’s no problem with the default camera, other than Android 11 doesn’t allow saving to a ‘Portable’ SD which Open camera does.

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No, 11 update - Non-Fairphoners back then. :slight_smile:
And there IS a problem with the stock camera here.

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Case closed - made a factory reset, camera is working again.


Nice that a factory reset works, but that would cost me almost a day to get everything more or less back to my original settings.
Not an option for me, so I hope there’s a solution soon…

Cannot select storage location for photos on the default camera app (i.e. it acts as of I can select the SD card, but it reverts immediately to internal memory. And cannot take photos…)

Yes this is the default A11 Fairphone didn’t remove the defunct GUI option


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