Energy and data connections for FP2 modules – merged or separate?

My assumptions about how the FP2 and its modules are provided with electricity and data transport are a bit shaken right now. So far I always assumed that the four contact areas on the core module (see iFixit photo below) provide the three “small” modules and the display with both energy and data (the latter both ways, of course).

However, I am not sure anymore now and would be glad if someone could clarify. What purpose do the (13?) flat metal pins/teeth all over the core and the small modules serve? (iFixit picture below) Right now I am starting to think that those provide the energy. If not – what’s the purpose?

Anyone with a sound understanding of the FP2 workings (and/or just basic laws of electricity :wink: ) care to be the judge? :angel:

Electromagnetic shielding. Nothing more, nothing less.


I first thought of grounding but I think the coating on the back of the screen does not conduct. The contact areas are really the most reliable way to transmit anything, for these are held together by screws.

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