Endless Optimisation Restart Loop after OOS 17.01 update (encrypted + OpenGAPPS)

I want to upgrade to 17.02 but after the problems on my encrypted FP2 with 17.01 I’m hesitating.

I try to follow the upgrade guide but it is hard to understand for someone used to IOS.

I have several questions, the first one is
Why do I need 1.3 Xposed framework (installer134)?
Is Xposed normally an OOS application?

You don’t need the Xposed framework. The Xposed framework is a prerequesite for a lot of useful modules like GravityBox (modify almost anything of your phone’s behaviour and look) or Xprivacy (permissions management). I use both and wouldn’t want to miss them, but they are not needed for FP Open OS to work.

So bottom line: You can skip the Xposed part altogether.

Thank you for this quick answer.:slight_smile:

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Regarding the update guide:
Does FDroid need to be a system app?

I tried: ALTERNATIVE: Download “/system App Mover12” from F-Droid and make F-Droid a system app (for users who don’t know how to use ADB)

I installed system/app mover but it does nothing it needs something installed with Busybox so I installed Busybox, but it needs root access.

So my question: Does FDroid needs to be a system app to upgrade a encrypted FPOOS?


No you don’t have to do anything you haven’t done before the update.

The gist of the updateguide is: All modifications you did before the update (e.g. by flashing something via TWRP) you’ll have to redo after every update - and do so before rebooting. So: Boot to TWRP - flash the update - flash your other modifications - reboot to system.
I think I’ll add this to the guide, to make it more clear you don’t need to do everything in the guide.

Thanks, I’ll try it.

Quoting myself…

I hope that someone can help me with either disabling encryption or telling me how to flash Xposed and OpenGAPPS after all…

I don’t think that flashing gapps or xposed had anything to do with encryption, as encryption only concerns /data partition, while gapps and xposed are installed on /system.

If you encounter problems while flashing with your recovery, you could try though to use a different recovery version for flashing. Though I’m not sure if this helps, but worth a try.

Getting rid of encryption is, to my knowledge, only possible through a factory reset and erasing/wiping /data partition.

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