Encryption on Fairphone Open 18.10.0 not working

I just recently bought myself a Fairphone 2 and I was trying to set up encryption but this does not seem to work.

To be clear, I go to Settings -> Security -> Encrypt phone, enter my screen lock password, press “Encrypt phone”, at which point I get shown the Android logo as the phone restarts, then after maybe 30 seconds I’m greeted with the homepage again and nothing seems to have happened.

Is the Fairphone encrypted by default? Is there something I’m not getting / doing properly? Thank you for any help.

I’m guessing they never did fix the bug described in the topic below - if that’s the case temporarily removing the cameras should get encryption to work.

Even better … the same workaround as for powering down the phone applies to encryption:
Just activate the flashlight before the encryption attempt, and it should work.


Sorry, but Fairphone never fixes ANY bugs related to the new camera modules… plus they also do not communicate anything about fixing, progress or technical backgrounds. IMHO they will be force to say sooner or later that these bugs cannot be fixed, they likely know that but don’t want to make us even more angry.

Please, please prove me wrong Fairphone!

Such a weird bug! I guess it’s good that there’s a simple workaround, but still.

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