Encryption failed, data no longer accessible

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Yesterday when I took my FP2 out of my pannier it showed me a screen telling that the encryption has failed and that my data is no longer accessible. It suggested to do a factory reset. I could still turn on and off the phone but after booting it always came back with this screen and I could indeed not access my data anymore. Okay, with a backup I could recover most things, but still it was a totally unplanned effort.
The phone is running on LOS 18.1 and has never been encrypted. I wonder if any movement in the pannier might have led to pressing keys or whatever that could have started the encryption process (how to get there actually?) or if this could rather be an indicator that a component within the phone is giving up? Has anyone enocuntered a similar issue?


It’s happened to me that my encrypted storage could no longer be decrypted and my FP2 thus refused to start. This corruption was caused by the frequent reboots, and was definitely an unpleasant surprise that cost me a year’s worth of photos. For me the only resolution was a factory reset. It’s well possible that your storage simply got corrupted for similar reasons, and because LineageOS can’t read the required files it is now “guessing” it’s encrypted without actually being encrypted.

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What does TWRP say or see? #twrpwoflashing

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Uhm, currently I think it wouldn’t see anything special because instead of investigating the issue itself I went ahead and just setup the phone again to be able to use it again. I reset the first entry that I could find in the recovery menu, then LOS booted up like in a fresh install and I used much of my backup. In case this happens again (which I don’t hope) I’ll have a look at TWRP to see if it can help me any further. Thanks for the hint.
Today I have checked how to access the encryption option and although while cycling the phone was fully charged and connected to external power I doubt that with some magic it made it through all the menus until there. Maybe one of the potholes that I have hit had a too big impact…

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