Emojis with different skin colours

Hey all, what’s your opinion on the following:

Do emojis need to have different skin colours? Is yellow not enough?

Here is an objective article on the matter:
Racially Diverse Emojis Under Development (PC Magazine)

…and a slightly more subjective one:
Emoji’s race problem may finally be going away (Washington Post)

I’m interested in your thoughts!

Greets, Stefan

I see no blonde hair, no women, no elders.
Still racist-sexist-gerontophobe to me.

AKA overzealous political correctness.


What @van said. Case closed.

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@van @Jerry Thanks for your replies. Does anyone at Unicode think about such initiatives?
Aren’t there more urgent problems in the world? (Probably in the US they do have issues with skin colour + racism…)

If there is someone, who supports the proposal for emojis with different skin colours, it would be interesting to hear your arguments! :+1:

If we would stick to : - ) then there wouldn’t be a ‘problem’.


Since when do emoticons look like “real” people? I’m rather fond of the classic brightly colored (mostly yellow) circular faces like this: :slight_smile:

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