Emojis - how do I get them?


Got myself a sweet little FP2 and loving it. Just wondering how to type using an emoji keyboard.

I’ve tried changing the keyboard settings to enable iWnn IME, but this doesn’t seem to be an option. Am I missing something or is it only possible to install be using an app?

If so, do y’all have any recommendations for emoji keyboard apps?

Thanks :slightly_smiling:

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IMHO SwiftKey offers a good range of emojis. TouchPal X is also very common I guess. Both available in the Google Play Store.

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I’ve been threw the same problem. I was about to download an appli when i rode something to try before ans it worked. Make long pressure on entry button and the emoji icon appears…:wink::cold_sweat:
I’d Never had expected to find this alone … I’m kind of pride i dont need to feed Google tonight…:blush::sunglasses:


That’s it!

Here’s some more info:

Thanks for tour answer. I’ll be quiet right like that. More simple it is safer i am…:smirk:

Thank you all for your help!