Email download only via Wifi

Hey there, I have the following problem with my Fairphone Email App:
I can only download/ syncronise my Emails when I´m connected to Wifi. When I´m connected to my mobile provider (Eplus) it doesn´t work. Same with What´sApp. With the browser I never had this problem.
Does anybody have experienced the same?

ich habe folgendes Problem mit dem Mail Programm:
ich kann neue Mails nur einsehen, wenn ich mit einem Wlan verbunden bin. Mit einer Mobilen Datenverbindung geht das leider nicht. Mit WhatsApp ist es das Gleiche, während der Browser problemlos funktioniert. Hat jemand schon mal die selbe Erfahrung gemacht?

Liebe Grüße


Did you maybe disable “Auto-sync data” in the menu you can find if you go to Settings > Data Usage and click the Settings button?

What Email App are you using?

The one which was preinstalled in the fairphone

I just checked it, but it’s not disabled.
Thank you…

Hi Susi,
do the emails never download at all with eplus? I had a similar phenomenon, i.e. they don’t sync directly, but after a while they show up, so it has something to do with the intervals for downloading (once every xx minutes). I’m also on eplus net.
Since I started using the K-9 mail app the problem disappeared, also there I can “sync directly”. For this I did not find a button on the normal FP email app.
Hoffe, das hilft.

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I am also using K9-mail and think it is way superior to the integrated Mail app. You can also download K9-mail from Google Play if you prefer that:

Hi, habe das gleiche Problem, ich bin bei Aldi Talk (e-Plus).
Letze Option wäre jetzt das Telefon auf den Werkszustand zurückzusetzen, davor schrecke ich aber noch zurück.
Hat Jemand einen Tipp?