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A week or so ago I updated manually to Android 9 and reset my FP2 to factory settings. This was necessary because of issues that struck several users, see “FP2 reboots and home screen issues”.
After a few days, I suddenly couldn’t load my emails anymore. I use the email client that comes with FP2, for a hotmail account and another one.
There is connection with the email servers, new emails are received and I can read the subject, but the content doesn’t load. A day later the problem was gone (???), but now the same happened again suddenly. No settings are changed, I can read my email with Thunderbird or Outlook on a PC, but both hotmail and the other mail contents don’t show on my FP.
What’s happening?

Have you tried to use another email app on your phone (e.g. Outlook)? So that you know if this problem is app specific?

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It is app specific. As a temporary solution I installed the K-9 app, and K-9 works normal.

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I was too fast with my conclusion in the last post: a few hours later, the mail content loaded not only in K-9, but in the standard FP2 app as well. Now both apps don’t load email content anymore!
But it becomes more weird: in the standard app I can print the invisible content to PDF and look: there it is! (K-9 has no option to print email). So the invisible content is available, although in the app it isn’t loading and the “loading” circle rotates endlessly.
Which setting is wrong, and how can the behaviour of the apps change spontaneously??

Well, if it’s a setting then it’s unlikely to be a setting of the two e-mail apps, since they’re both affected. More likely an OS service related to painting or handling text. And since this apparently happens “spontaneously”, i.e. without any particular action on your part, I think it’s unlikely to be a setting at all, as such. I can’t imagine what settings you’d change to produce this effect.

  • For your e-mail accounts, are you using POP or IMAP?
  • Are the two e-mail apps behaving always the same way at the same time (both displaying content, both not displaying content)?
  • Are the two e-mail accounts (hotmail and the other) also both behaving in the same way at the same time?
  • Are any other text-related apps affected, such as Web browser?
  • When the content is not displayed, what is displayed in its place? Just blank white space? If blank, knowing (from Thunderbird/PC) what the content is, try and “select” some, as though you wanted to copy it. What happens?
  • Are you using a SD card?
  • How much free storage space do you have (internal and, if installed, external)?
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@OldRoutard Thank you for your comprehensive comment.
Your questions, in order:

  • I use IMAP
  • No, the 2 apps don’s behave the same at the same time. I installed K-9 when the standard app gave problems, but K-9 immediately showed the content of emails.
  • Yes, both accounts behave the same at the same time
  • No other apps are affected
  • Only blank space is displayed. But somehow, the content must have been downloaded, because I can print to PDF and view the content.
  • There is an SD card in the phone. But: when I was forced to update the Android version, the SD card was not accepted “as is” when I replaced it in the FP2. I had to format it and lost all content. Now, once in a while I get the message that the SD card is not properly installed and that I have to remove it and place it back.
  • There is plenty free storage space. Internal, and at the SD card (for what it’s worth, w.r.t. the latter).

I agree with you, that this is probably not an issue of the email apps, but something on a higher level. I changed the permissions of the apps back and forth without essentially changing anything, and now everything works fine for a day or so. Will see what the future brings. From my side, it’s trial and error.

Is the SD card formatted as internal or portable?

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The SD card has been formatted as internal.

Well, that’s actually not recommended and might have lead to the problems.
See also #sdcardguide


I’ll change it. No problem to format the card as portable.

Although I recommend to change it to portable, still be careful when changing it. As it’s part of the internal memory now there’s some danger of data corruption when ejecting the card. So I recommend a thorough backup before doing the change.


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