Email app v 4.1 on Fair phone 1

I have searched the forum for info on the Email app installed on my FP 1. It’s blocking me from setting up my gmail accounts by saying suspicious ware trying to gain access. I have also looked into the phone settings to allow it but to no avail.
I would either like to uninstall this app which seems impossible (it annoyingly displays at start up amongst other things) or unblock it so I can use it.

Or is it just another redundant piece of mechanics on my FP1 using memory data?

Grateful for some useful advice.:elephant:

The preinstalled email app is most likely being blocked by Google because they want you to install their GMail app. I sometimes got that in Thunderbird on my computer until I switched to OAuth login from within Thunderbird.

I’m pretty sure that the preinstalled e-mail apl doesn’t support OAuth, so you could try K-9 mail, which many Fairphoners use if they want to avoid GMail.

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Google blocks access by IMAP in their accounts by default and consider that access “insecure”, so they force their unfettered users —who want to use other apps— to do penance and manually “enable insecure IMAP access”. Note that “insecure” in their newspeak means “out of our control”. Which is good if you value your independence, though.

Here is a how-to to disable that limitation and use whatever email app you want:


It’s worth noting that I had allowed less secure apps and thay Google still wanted me to login once in a while to verify that my Thunderbird is still not reading my newsletters on its own. :wink:

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Watch out, they are reading along. Received this at 3:43 in the morning:

“Help us securing your account… Deactivate less secure access”


Why is google forcing though -_-

Because with your own client software you could do things that don’t fit Google’s practice of monetizing you and your data. Like encrypting your emails. Always remember that you are the product.


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