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I just upgraded a FP2 to Andoird 6 (Fairphone OS 17.04.8) - thank you for all your efforts to provide this upgrade! Looking forward to your OSS Android 6 release! :smile:

Just tried to make use of the new app permission [restriction] features.
Why does the email app require permission to manage phone calls or access the calendar?

I get that accessing the calendar allows the email app to manage meeting invites, but I do not see any reason for it to require managing phone calls.


Probably so you can call a contact that mailed you and/or to call/save a number written in an email you received.


Even if that is the reason to ask for the permission to manage phone calls, it is no reason to require that permission.

Requiring the permission to manage phone calls means the app will not start until it is allowed to manage phone calls…

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