Email app keeps me logged in?


I recently configured the email app provided with my FP2 as it seemed a neat way to manage my mailbox on the phone. It seems to work very well, but I am quite worried by this one feature: I am now constantly logged in! There is no way for me to sign out and then in again. Why can I not sign out if I wish to? Also, if I send an email from my phone the app does not ask me for the password prior to the message being sent, and this happens even if I clearly selected “Require sign in” when I dealt with the settings for the outgoing server (which I thought would do exactly this - Thunderbird works like that, as far as I know). Is it really the case that once you set up this email app, there is no way back and you’re constantly logged in? If this is the case, I’m removing this asap.

Can you please help folks?

Thank you!


the email-accounts are managed in the android settings.

Not exactly. The app only logs in to the incoming mail server when checking for mail. If you change your settings to only check for mail manually it will never log in by itself. Your username and password are only saved locally in your phone. That’s how it is supposed to work. (You should set up a lock screen password so no one can access your email if your phone gets stolen.)

This setting means that your SMTP server (outgoing mail server) requires authentication (which it should). Again, your phone saves your username and password locally and uses them for authentication when sending an email. The app only connects to the outgoing mail server when actually sending an email.

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