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I couldn’t find a solution in the forum or in the Internet.
Since a few days the location icon disappeared from my quick settings, when I open them without unlocking my phone.
I would like to add it again, but all explanations say you should choose the pen or edit button appearing when you pull down the quick settings menu. But I don’t have those icons (see screenshot). How can I change the icons?

the gear-icon next to the battery should be the settings :wink:

This one only leads to the general settings section and doesn’t let me change the quick setting icons.

Hi There,

Did you try to long-press (about 5 seconds) the setting button in the dropdown menu? It should enable the UI Tuner that will let you choose some options.

You can find some infos on this here.

It works on my FP Open OS.


This exists here on Lineage OS, but afaik it doesn’t exist in Android 6 (FPOS, FPOOS).

Does GPS work if you enable it through the settings? Because usually when a setting just disappears that’s because the hardware responsible for that function is broken (common example: button to switch cameras disappeared, because one of the cameras is broken).

Have you tried to start an app which uses location? For me the icon also disappears from time to time from quick settings but reappears when I start e.g. Osmand.

Try this way:


  • System UI Tuner
    • Quick Settings

There you can add a tile using the (+) at the bottom of the page.
The … (three dots) menu lets you reset the settings.

Hopefully both ways can bring back the location tile.

Should there be no point “System UI Tuner” you can activate it as follows:
Pull down status bar, until the cogwheel for the Settings-menu is visible.
Tap on the cogwheel and keep it tapped until it starts spinning.
Now that menu option in Settings should be visible.


Thanks BertG, pyb and paukakreuzer. I got the UI tuner and found the option to change quick settings, but there the location icon is already marked to appear in the quick settings.
GPS is working. So that’s not the problem. The problem is just, that the quick settings are different depending on if the phone is unlocked (location icon is there) or locked (no location icon in the quick settings).
Anymore ideas how to adjust this?

Ah, so it was a misunderstanding on my side.
The icon is missing on my phone as well when it’s locked and the icon for “cast” is missing as well.

Maybe they do not appear on the locked screen, as those settings usually need to be changed only, when the screen is unlocked anyway? Or maybe it’s a kind of security measure?
I only can guess. And I have not found a way around that so far. (Doesn’t bother me to much though, as I don’t use those google services.) As I am the curious kind, I nevertheless will keep my eyes open for an explanation or solution and come back if I happen to find one.

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Same here (misunderstanding and no location on the lock screen)…

I agree, it’s probably some kind of security matter… more a feature than a bug ? :wink:

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If you phone gets stolen you can use services to track it’s location and hopefully get it back. This would of course be useless if the thieve could simply turn off the location feature.


Very convincing argument!
So it really is a security feature.
Thx for helping me to keep my promise to myself:
Learn something new every day! :wink:

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