Echo when calling via some apps (Telegram, Signal, Hangout)

Hi there!

I tried calling three different people from my FP2 on Telegram and all of them hear their voice echoing. I do not hear any echo, they do. I called them multiple times and for long calls.

The weird thing is:

  • Telegram calls work properly from the desktop application.
  • FP2 microphone works properly with normal calls and Skype (I do not use Whatsapp).
  • I could call via telegram without an echo using earphones (with the earphone integrated microphone)

So it does not seem to be an exclusively hardware nor an exclusively software issue, but rather a bad combination of the two.

On this forum I found a very similar issue someone had on Hangout (and someone stating the same happened with Signal) https://forum.fairphone.com/t/echo-with-google-hangout/15745

Do you have any suggestion? Does anyone have the same issue?

@FeuRenard @bonpotiron Did you ever solve your issue?

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I had the same issue with Signal a couple of weeks ago, but since then OpenWhisperSystems continuously releases updates which claim to decrease the echo (However, I haven’t tested it since then).

I don’t use Threema, but do you have the latest Threema version on your phone?

I do not use threema either. Apparently echo issues with telegram calls are rare (i do not know anyone else having them and I also asked on specific telegram groups) and I currently have the latest telegram release so it does not seem to be so much of a telegram issue…

Meanwhile Signal calls work like a charm!

Signal developers solved this issue by switching from hardware echo cancellation to software echo cancellation. This hardware mode seemed to be broken on Fairphone 2 (and numerous other phones), at least on Android 5.1. I actually never tried Signal with hardware echo cancellation on Android 6.0.

From this I assume that any app relying on Fairphone 2’s hardware echo cancellation will produce echo.

And btw: Threema doesn’t support calls.


This is interesting, so I guess I should wait for Telegram to switch from hardware echo cancellation to software echo cancellation.

Even though I hoped I could fix it, it is good to know the reason of this issue.

Ideally the Fairphone developers would fix FP2 hardware echo cancellation.


I can’t talk about the apps you mentioned earlier since I do not use them.

However, I encounter the same issue with mainstream apps (WhatsApp, Google Hangouts). The people I talk to hear echo.

Does this issue is in the roadmap for future fixes?
If not, who is volunteer to ask to the dev team?

Apparently I have no more echo issues with Telegram, I guess the issue was solved by a Telegram update. Calls now work perfectly.

I opened an issue here:


Which version of Telegram are you using? My contacts still hear themselves speak when I call them.
Both Telegram and Android are on the latest available version here.

I am on the latest telegram version, but for me this was solved some months ago. However I do not use this function often so I can only say the last times I used it I did not have this issue anymore.

I am also on the latest version…

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That’s exactly the point. This is not limited to Telegram. Even Android’s native SIP client (integrated into the stock Phone app) suffers from this bug! The only workaround is using a headset.

Please vote for this bug in the bug tracker to give it more attention.


Any news on this? I have echo issues again with telegram calls.

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