🌍 Earth Strike + Week For Future

There is no Planet B!

Fridays for Future, Extinction Rebellion and other groups are organizing a worldwide general strike for the climate on Friday, September 27th + a whole week of actions starting on Friday, September 20th.

Our earth is not modular and there are no spare parts. We can’t just exchange the rainforest- or the ocean-module. We have take better care of our planet.

Who will join me on the streets?


Here is the list of events by FFF in Germany:

I think it would be agood idea, if everyone posted at least a link to the local / national events.

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Here is the official website for Austria with entries for all events by local groups:

You’ll also find links to social media sites (all the evil ones) on that site.
FridaysForFuture Wien also has an unofficial account on the #fediverse :


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Links to local groups of Extinction Rebellion can be found on a map on their page

And the German page for the Climate Week of Extinction Rebellion is here:
They refer to FFF, though.

And the homepage for “Global Climate Strike” is this one: “GlobalClimateStrike.net

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Dit is de Dutch page for the Climate Strike.


I woke up early today because I’m excited for the big strike.
I hope I’ll make it through the day without getting too tired.

In Vienna there will be events in every district today. They are not all at the same time, so I plan on attending many of them.

I’ll start at 11:00 in Hütteldorf and end at 19:30 on Heldenplatz.


4 Demos down, two to go. My legs are killing me, but the positive energy and nice people keep me motivated.
Will I meet any @AustrianFairphoners on Heldenplatz in the evening (18:00-19:30)?


I was at the Hamburg demo. Official numbers vary between 90,000 and 100,000 people. Never been to such a huge demo!


I’ll definitely join you on the 27th

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sorry not, it’s because of the dog

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Well I saw at least 2 Fairphoners yesterday. One was one of the Organizers of the event in my home-district Hietzing. I told her about the Vienna Angels, which she might need soon, as her microphone already broke a few times and her warranty is expiring soon.
I met many more really nice people. One guy used the word “Google” at least 5 times and I didn’t even tell him about me #livingwogoogle - instead we bonded over veganism.
I also ran across my former English teacher who I hadn’t seen for about 11 years. She didn’t recognize me at first, because I changed quite a lot.

Today I have a massive stiffness in my legs, but I think the best way to cure it is to muscle through it. So at 11:00 I’ll be protesting again.

DSC09618 DSC09629


Great impressions.
So, please forgive me, if I am a kind of spoilsport, but the first picture might be a problem, as it seems to be rather a portrait than a photo of a gathering. Especially since it’s children.
I am not sure to be honest, but I think this should be considered; especially since privacy and data protection are really an issue for lots of us Fairphoners.

For clarification.
I have looked it up, and as I understand it those pictures are completely legal and sticking to the rules (in Germany at least) of the KunstUrhG (§§ 22, 23 ); sorry no english version of this law.
I just meant this not as an offence or accusation towards the poster, but as something to think about; since privacy and data protection are serious issues to this community.

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These mass demonstrations give me at least a glimmer of hope. I really hope that FFF continues to grow in size and might so that it will be able to run over my generation and those older. When I look at the German’s government’s recent acceleration into the wrong direction (even increasing the rewards for driving a car), it’s actually my only hope.


Yesterday I took part in my first bike demo.
It was organized by a group called Systemchange not Climatechange and we protested against big, unneccessary and climate-killing construction projects like the Lobau tunnel (a planned motorway tunnel underneath protected wetland) and the 3rd runway for the airport.

As you can see in the last picture the airport claims it acts in behalf of climate protection (“Klimaschutz”), by reducing 70% of it’s CO2 emissions.
Which of course is a joke, because they are not factoring in what the airport is: A freaking airport. Flights are not getting any less impactful and even without the 3rd runway the airport has a lot of capacity for more flights - and it’s getting more and more every year. Also the climate impact of the construction itself is most likely also not fractured in.

Shifting to renewable energies and making ground operations more effective was probably an economic decision anyway - no thought at all for the climate.

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Useful for earth is to go plant some trees as well !

Or to pay people not to cut them down.


A few pictures of the EarthStrike in Vienna:

You can find a few more on my pixelfed account.


As one week - naturally - is not enough, protests go on.

In Germany Extinction Rebellion is starting their protests in Berlin on October 7th:
Aktion Berlinblockieren

International Rebellion events

Extinction Rebellion France

Extinction Rebellion Italia

Extinction Rebellion España

Extinction Rebellion Nederland

Extinction Rebellion Austria

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We are losing not only our planet but also our right to fight for it:

Police have taken pre-emptive action against environmental protesters who are planning to cause disruption in Westminster.

This is why open projects like Fairphone will make a difference in the long run. I really wish Fairphone gave more priority to bring an open source OS to fairphone by default. In any case, please be careful when preparing for demonstrations and do this in a digitally secure manner. Use encryption for your messaging and email communications (do not rely on Whatsapp), through apps like Telegram (make sure to enable it by default), Silence or Signal, use a reliable VPN provider and if you prefer email, same thing make sure it’s privacy friendly (some candidates that come up often are ProtonMail and Tutanota).

I am not ane expert in any way, please do your research!

EFF’s guide to Digital Self-Defense
Privacy Friendly Alternatives

Be safe!

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