🇬🇧 🇩🇪 Earspeaker does not work for incoming calls


Unfortunately I couldn’t find my rather specific problem anywhere, so I started a new topic.

The earspeaker from my FP2 only works for outgoing calls (when I call someone else). It also works when I am using the checkup function. But as soon as I get a call, I either have to turn on the rear speaker first or I have to use the headset.

I am not sure if the problem started with the installation of Android9. Currently I’m using FP OS 21.08.1-rel.0 and I’ve had other problems since the update (battery drain and random reboots), but this is the most annoying one.

Does anyone have any ideas?

Hast du zufällig das TOP Modul gegen das neue.mit besserer Selfie Kamera getauscht und das alte noch, dann könntest Du mal.tauschen und sehen was passiert?

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Ich weiß, dass es getauscht wurde, aber ich hab es gebraucht gekauft. Also leider nein

Sorry no idea why I answered in German😉 do you have #fairphoneangels close that might have an old module? However probably someone has another idea…

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Sorry, I’m new and I just edited my post from german to english after I realised, that my problem might be too specific for the german community.

No, unless someone comes from Dresden.

:rofl: so I’m not completely mad…so in case no one has better ideas and no Angel in Dresden I could send you one…

My phone lives in Dresden and if there are no other options it might be willing to borrow its top module for testing, although with a well running phone I’m a little bit reluctant as every change might change that, too. Seems like I should try to get hold of a friend’s FP2 that he doesn’t use anymore anyway.
But to be honest I suspect a software issue. You could try resetting your phone or you could try the mic in apps that support calls.
Edit: I just wondered if this might not be a speaker issue but a SIM card issue? Remove it and put it back in, try the other SIM slot, try another SIM card, that kind of things…


Thanks for your kind offer, but I think I will try to reset the phone now. A new problem has arisen a few days ago (I have to restart the phone every time to use mobile data) and I surrender. If none of these numerous problems can be solved with a reset, I will consider buying a new one.

And I tried to change the SIM cards but that does not seem to cause the problem.

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