Earphones not recognized

I have just got my FP3 and I wanted to use the earphones which were included in the original box. But the phone doesn’t recognize them.
Even when I try the test, it doesn’t detect them.
However I have tried to use them with the computer and they worked fine.
Any idea?

If you tried it with the bumper on the FP3, try if doing without the bumper makes a difference. If the earphones work then, it might just take a slightly harder push when the bumper is on.

P.S.: For those not aware, in France the FP3 is delivered with earphones out of the box, as required by French law.


Thanks for the tip but it did not help :frowning:

You can try if a reboot makes a difference. Some FP3 users have had problems with the audio port as well, and Fairphone is working on a firmware patch for these problems. If a reboot helps, you might be affected by this (hopefully transitional) issue.


A reboot did help!