Earphone in usb-c not recognized on Fairphone 5

I just bought a fairphone 5, everything works very well but for some unknown reason my wired headphones are not recognized :confused:

I tried enabling USB debugging, I tried enabling the “Always allow new USB devices” option but that didn’t change anything, I also checked if the "Disable audio routing “USB” was not checked by mistake.

Note that I have to buy the adapter on the official fairphone website

Any help would be appreciated :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance.

Hello and welcome
Could you please specify your headset parameters?
Assuming you have purchased the official adapter, could you perhaps try it with any other wired headset?
I have rarely used my dongle, switching now to wireless solutions, but it did work with all my devices if I recall well.
Good luck


Thank you for your quick response. I bought this adapter: USB-C vers mini-jack audio adaptateur (3.5mm) - Accessoires | Fairphon #attr =

I can’t try with another wired headset at the moment, but I will try tonight.

Yes, I tried with other headphones and strangely it works, thank you for your help

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hi ,
same topic :
°my headphones are not recognized by fairphone5 when wired
°nor does the bose soundlink little speaker

bluetooth works fine

when plugged in :
gives only a horibble hiss
in headphones ( sony wh1000xm5),
-on or off (anc) , or speaker
audio plays from phone itself
No headphone icon becomes visible - that option is enanbled

i am using the fairphone cable usb to audio jack
so , not the small fp adaptor with integrated dac (whitch was out of stock at the time)

i learned : the sony needs an adaptor with dac when wired
to change the signal

i don’t know
if that cable i bought from fairphone ( in origin sold to go together with the fairbuds xl i don’t have)
has dac integrated ?

I tried all the settings
mostly to do with usb
that where mentioned in other posts
on the forum

usb works fine for charging , and
i can connect to the computer with it
(-> here i use the original fp usb-c to usb-a cable )

any help is welcome

ps: is it oke to post here ? as the solution for the original post is found .
Or shall i start anew with my specific question ?

edit :
°on other devices ( mp3 player , old android tablet)
the sony headphone works well ,wired
with their origonal mini audio jack cable .
° i am on calyx os latest version
And forgot to test the audio cable before the switch , too late now -anyhow it seems a common puzzle on al kind off devices and osses !

you mean the cable for the Fairbuds XL? Isnt the intention to connect those with a device that has a 3.5 headphone jack? So I would say the cable does not support your use case and therefore it does not work, thats not a FP5 issue.

Whether you just prefer to be wired to your music or your favorite player doesn’t support Bluetooth, we’ve got you covered. Plug this cable into your device of choice and the wired world is yours. Think Gameboys, Discmans, Fairphone 3+ and everything else with a 3.5mm jack.

yes correct

usb- c connects to fairphone ,
audio 3,5 mm plug from that same fpcable connects to audio jack headphone

the question is : does this cable has integrated dac ?

do you mean that audio plug can not be used for headphones at all ?
now o am truly confused

I dont think the cable has dac integrated as its meant to work the other way round, i.e. the 3.5 jack goes into the player/FP3 and the USB-C part goes into the Fairbuds XL.

You have to put the 3.5 jack cable of your headphones into an adapter with dac that goes with USB-C to the FP5.

oh , well that is a whole new world.
Thank you for the explenation

could be nice to start a
adaptor/ audio cable/headphones - with or without dac