Earbuds (TWS) not playing music

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Hi there,
after quite some time I found my FP Earbuds again (TWS), under the couch (thank you, cat). In the meantime the Android 13 update got on my fp3 and I cant get any music to play on the earbuds.
This also happens on the fp4 of my wife, so I am not sure if its the faults of the earbuds or the software. I do hear the “connected” sound, so I assume its the later?
When looking at the capabilties of the connected earbuds it only lists “calls” and “sharing of contacts and caller list”, but not any music stuff.
Will also write support but I was hoping to get some help here earlier, since support is also busy often.
Of course I did reset / decoupled the earbuds, but to no avail.
Have a nice weekend everybody

Did you try to reset them?

Of course I did, see my original post