Earbuds discontinued - any new stuff on the horizon?

I have been browsing the shop and noticed that earbuds are being discontinued. Are there any plans for the replacement? I think it would be interesting to see modular earbuds.


I think earbuds are realy small so its hard to make it modular. I still hope for somethink like Earbuds 2

Pretty bad that they don’t announce discontinued products. Though the Earbuds where terrible in regards of repairability.
I think one of my buds don’t even work anymore. I’ll probably sell them,

Perhaps swappable battery is feasible though?

You can still buy one as spare

I need new earbuds. I would immediately buy a pair if Fairphone offered them with exchangeable batteries.

The reason why I need to replace my current Sony buds is that the batteries have lost most of their capacity and do not even reach one hour of operation any more. Other than that the devices are still in perfect shape! Too bad that I need to dump them only for dead batteries. Fairphone can do a better job on this!

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Why don’t you try to change the batteries in your headphones? With some it ain’t that complicated, Sony WF-1000XM3 for example:


I’ve just been to the shop to place an order and discovered my Christmas gift has been discontinued.

So sad… :sob: :sob: :sob:

I also wish we knew if something new is coming or Fairphone has discontinued the whole idea of selling earbuds.


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Fairphone co-founder Miquel last week: