Earbuds cover - how to plug it back into place?

My earbuds fell on the ground today, the cover is off but nothing seems broken. Howerver I don’t see how to plug it back into place? :thinking:

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I have never seen it in real life however this tiny little metal pin like in wristwatch braceletes looks like the “solution”!?

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Holding my own device here in my hands, I cannot suggest much more either. Can you press together the two pin ends so that the cover/lid might fit back into its gap in the case?     =>   -|_|-   <=

Not even the iFixit teardown gives any hint on this. They don’t even disassemble the lid.

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I think this link has some information- step 7 shows how to disassemble the charging case and in step 10 you can at least see the pin of the cover and its position…

(I assume that the charging case was partially unseated when it fell thus releasing the pin, but snapped back into its normal position directly)

The same thing happened to me a few months ago. The truth is that it didn’t fall from a great height, it gave me the sensation of being a very flimsy build quality.

If I remember correctly, I think I pushed the little metal bar inwards through the “gaps” I marked in red, forcing it… and for the last five months, it has been working perfectly. I hope it stays that way.

Best of luck.


Hi and thanks for the hints.

What was bothering me is that the plastic was not broken, and the metallic pin are not retractable (like for a watch bracelet)
I noticed that when I pressed the sides of the box, a little gap appears. I just inserted it inside (without having to force like @Mixigodo ) and when I released the force it was fit into place :smiley:


May the force be with you … always :pray:

P.S.: Good explanation @oli.sax … I understood it instantly while trying it on my own TWS case (even before the photo showed up). :+1:


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