Earbuds cant connect after unpairing


I had some issues with my tws earbuds as only one of them was connecting the phone, so I did the Unpair and Forget on connected device steps from the manual, and now I can’t reconnect. The earbuds are not showing up in the available devices list, not on my fariphone 4 and not on my laptop either.

Is there any way maybe, a “more radical” hard reset for the earbuds?
Any steps I can make to troubleshoot?


Are they maybe still connected to a different device that interferes with the pairing? Someone posted recently, that they had issues switching devices. Maybe you’re facing something similar:

Thanks for the reply! Unfortunately it is not the same problem. I only ever connected it to those two devices and did the Forget on connected devices on both.
One other thing that may be useful is that after getting them out of the case and the “turning on” sound there is a short, single beep.

Hmm, that doesn’t sound normal. I thought the ‘Power On’ announcement was hardcoded in the firmware and cannot be disabled. At least I haven’t managed to do so as of yet.

No, the “Power On” announcement is there, but shortly after there is a short beep too.

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Welcome to the forum, blueberryblackhole.
There is a means of resetting the earbuds themselves, not just clearing the pairing on the source devices.

To clear the pairing records or reset your earbuds:

Put both earbuds back into the charging case
Keep the cover open
Push and hold the button on the bottom side until the LED lights blink ten times.

In case of issues (like mono instead of stereo): unpair the earbuds and pair them again.


Thanks for the reply! I did both steps, resetting the earbuds themselves and the forget on other device too. The real issue started after that, before the reset/forget steps it could connect but only one of the earbuds were giving sound. After the reset came the problem where I can’t even connect to them anymore.

OK. Well in that case you’ll have to contactsupport, I don’t see that there’s any other measure that you can take.

Will do, thanks for the replies anyways!

Did you find a solution? Cause I got the same Problem.

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For anyone experiencing the same issue, here is a followup: after trying every way to reconnect, and solving it for myself unsuccessfully, I contacted support, got a return label, and after sending it back for repair, they ended up sending a new one which arrived today. (the long delay was partly on me, once I sent the package they were actually pretty quick, apart from a little mixup with my return address, I’m not sure if that was on the repair shop or UPS)

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Thank so much! Very useful suggestioni!

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Super, vielen Dank für den Tipp. Ich hatte die Buds einzeln als Ersatzteile bestellt. Jetzt funktionieren sie als Paar.

Thx for your helpful advice, I bought the buds as spare parts. They connected only as single Channel. Now they work as a pair.

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