Earbud battery duration. Continuous use

Fairly new user. I like to listen 10-6, full shift.
One earbud (rt). Lasts till ~ 1500. Swap to lft.
This one dies after 2 hours… or at least disconnects.
Fairphone ‘shop’ shows no stock.
My usual battery supplier hasn’t got any?

Has anyone found a replacement please?

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I assume you are talking of a pair of Fairbuds here (Fairphone used to sell “TWS earbuds” before, but as you say you’re a new user, it seems somewhat certain yours are Fairbuds).

You might want to contact Fairphone Support first before buying any spares out of your own pocket.

Concerning the earbud batteries, their shop entry indeed creates a wrong first impression of unavailability. I just tried it myself and you need to pick your colour first before the “Coming soon” label disappears.


Picky my colour? For batteries?

A set includes the silicone rings that provide some waterproofing and keep the battery trays shut.

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?Clear silicon?
pickup 6.95, del 11.95 - batteries £8.95
A real bargain?

If I understand this correctly, you are listening from 10:00 to 18:00, which would make it 8 hours? Instead, the battery only lasts up to 15:00 which is 5 hours?
If that is correct, then there is no problem with the battery. This is roughly within the stated capacity of the product. From the shop site:

Up to 6 hours of listening in a single charge and 20 additional hours with charging case.

To my understanding 6 hours is the best case with neither ANC nor ambient mode active. Both reduce runtime. I never listened for 6 hours straight, but 4 were certainly not an issue. I did not check battery level after that, so no idea how much longer they should have lasted.
That the second one only lasts 2 hours is strange, though. Are you keeping it in the case while not in use? Is the case battery charged?

I agree with @urs_lesse. Before ordering any parts yourself, please contact support and state your problem to them.