Ear presses icons

The icons on the screen are placed really stupidly. When you’re talking on the phone you can press pause, loudspeaker or any other icon accidentally, even logging off the call! I don’t use headphones as I wear hearing aids in my ears. How can the developers be contacted so that they’d changed the design of the screen when making calls?

The screen should be dark and not react to touch while you hold it to your ear during calls. If it’s not working like that go to Settings > Maintenance and recalibrate the proximity sensor.


I have done that several times and the screen doesn’t turn black until after more than a minute on the phone.

That’s a malfunction.
Either #contactsupport or try to clean as follows …


I’ve tried to disassemble like in the video, but I can’t get the screen off.
I’ve had so much trouble with this phone and the camera quality (and the sound on video! and I even bought a new camera!) sucks so much I feel like throwing the phone in the lake!

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