/e/ Pie is out for FP2

Hi all,

Many thanks for the guide, it helped me install /e/ on my fairphone 2. Works great right now, and happy to finally got a most recent android version…

Just for info, about the sideload operation : I had the same problem (sideload failed on zip verification), but I solved it by using the version of TWRP as mentioned in the install doc here.

Merry christmas and happy new year


does anybody know how to get around the issue that /e/, after updating (to 0.13), asks to set up the SD card again?
There are data on the card and I just want to keep using it as “external” but /e/ wants me to make a choice and both options will end up with the sd card being formatted. :thinking:

Can’t you just swipe the message away? I think I had something similar with Lineage on FP2 quite some time ago and I ignored that message.


ha! yes, after dismissing it and rebooting the device the SD card is accessible with the file browser again. thanks :blush:


Looking at

Build Status dev

Source: Info about FairPhone FP2 - FP2 | /e/ documentation
I got the feeling, that /e/ for the FP2 is not stable yet, but still a development build. Thus I was wondering when a stable release might be available. Now I recognized that for all devies the channel “dev” is stated. Could someone with more /e/-internal knowledge than me enlighten me please. :slight_smile:

And btw coming from an encrypted FP Open OS, is there anything to consider for updating? I saw the update description in the forum here, which seems to not make any difference to a backup + factory reset and flash (if I have to back up and recover all app data manually anyway).


I am using /e/ everyday on my FP2, and think it’s really stable. Give it a try!



Hi there,

same for me : using /e/ for a month now and I found it very stable… more than FairPhone Open OS that I used before. Everything works as expected.


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