/e/OS manual installation

Did someone try it?
May I use the same procedure available for FP4?

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Welcome to the Fairphone Community.

Right now the installation files aren’t even there yet, so you cannot get /e/OS onto your FP5 yet. I recommend you follow the discussion over at the /e/ community, too:


Thanks for your reply. I’ve joined that forum too, and it seems e/OS will be available for FP5 near the end of september.
For the Easy Installer we must wait till the end of the year.


If you have some skill the procedure is here : [FP5] Community test session (#55) · Issues · e / QA / Testing Community · GitLab

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I successfully followed those intructions and now I have /e/OS 1.16-t on my FP5.


Congratulation! How is your experience so far?

I am going to flash it as well, since I had to puke seeing the pre-installed google play stuff.

I followed the instructions for FP5 testing release, and it all worked correctly.
I installed 1.16-t, because had problems with 1.15-t image.
I’ve noticed that 1.16-t sometimes freezes. I cannot explain better, but I noticed it happens when I leave FP5 into my shoulder-bag and drive of ride my bike.


Just wanted to check in again: I’ve also installed /e/OS on my FP5 - according to the official install guide posted by @AnotherElk - works like a charm.

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Slightly off topic question maybe, does anybody know whether Fairphone officially provide support for a Fairphone which runs /e/ OS? I’ve read somewhere in this forum that someone was not able to raise a ticket for an HW issue because they’ve had /e/ OS installed. If it is the case, it would be a real bummer.

No, they don’t. You might have to reinstall FPOS in case of a problem.
If you don’t like this then just buy a Murena FP5 at the Murena shop. In this case you get /e/OS preinstalled and support by Murena.

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However Murena can only support the SW Problems, so in case of a pure HW problem they will have to forward the problem report to Fairphone. I can imagine quite a lot of back and forth. As a FP2 user I remember things being “simpler” in case of HW issues, Fairphone didn’t ask which OS you are using, when the issue was clearly HW (Camera connector issue etc.) Also reverting everything back to original OS on your daily driver is also not the most appealing option.

Maybe. But your contact will be Murena support anyway. Murena has been selling Fairphones for years and I’ve not read about problems with that.

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BEWARE! v0.20.1 (latest as of date of writing) removed the support for FP5 again. No notes on it why…

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It seems they are investigating some bricking incidents according to the /e/OS forum.

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