/e/ os and Signal app - camera not working

I am trying to connect Signal app with other devices but camera stays black when trying to link devices with QR code.
When trying to take picture using Signal only front camera is activated. Back camera can not be switched on.

Any idea how to get it working?
Has someone been able to link devices?

Fairphone 4.
/e/OS 1.4-20220920220047
Signal 5.52.5

everything works fine with my FP4, same (current) version.
Is it possible that “multiple devices” is still a mobile device?
That doesn’t work or only works on desktop devices. :wink:

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I try link desktop.

Ok so there are people with working /e/OS and Signal cameras.

/e/OS seems to work quite nicely in general but this is currently my biggest problem.

This was camera module HW failure.


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