E-mail signature

How can I make a digital signature in the E-mail App?


I might be wrong, but as far as i know the standard app can’t do this. You might check k9 and OpenKeychain for that task

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Do you mean PGP like signature, or just a standard greeting under each new email?

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Ah, yes. Good question… For me digital meant crypto sig, but you are right… What is the question really aiming at


A standard greeting under each email

What e-mail client (i.e. app) are you using? GMail app or the standard E-Mail app?

In standard E-Mail app, unfold the lateral menu from the left, scroll down and open Settings. There, select your account and edit the Signature field (it defaults to “Sent from my FairPhone”).

I can’t help with GMail, since I’m running Google-free with FP Open, but others will, and it’s not so different, ideally, since GMail app is a proprietary fork (i.e. modification) of the E-Mail app.


Same place in the Gmail app (assuming the app is the same on all devices) - ‘hamburger’ menu top left > settings > [account] > signature.


I just want the same function as I have in the iPad and on the laptop.
That every message get automatically a signature.

Dear Roboe,

This was a very useful advice!