E-mail outbox failure

I’m new to smart phones, and Android, so bear with me
I’ve set up most of what I need on my new fairphone, but, I can’t send e-mails
I can write them, but they sit in the outobox folder and don’t get sent
What am I doing wrong?

Is your wifi working or did you set up your network on your simcard?

I can receive e-mails, I can browse, so, yes, Wi-Fi is working?

What are your ‘Outgoing settings’?

Not sure what you mean? I’ve set up the settings as I use them for Outlook on my desktop PC, to access my mail server. If I’d got that wrong I’d expect an error message?

Hi @fandibben,

first of all: There are some Mail-Apps out there, which of them do you use?

What kind of setup method did you use? Manual or automatic? Did you do a check for the server settings during setup?



I’m using the mail app that comes with the phone. Manual set up as I had to edit the name of my mail server as it guessed it wrong.
I expect I’ve set something wrong - are there any manuals available, I’m used to working through such things to solve issues.
So I composed a mail, ‘sent’ it, it ends up in the outbox folder, but the sent folder remains empty. The mail app is working as I successfully receive mail.
Thanks for your attention.

Ok, then go to your app drawer and choose Settings -> Scroll down to Accounts -> Choose your E-Mail-Account -> Click on Account Settings -> Click on your mail address -> Scroll down to Server Settings -> Click on Outgoing Messages -> Check all the settings on this page:

  • Server name correct?
  • Port correct?
  • Type of security correct?
  • Checkbox checked?
  • Credentials correct?

If all these settings are correct your mail app should work.



The SMTP server is correct (same as I use on desktop PC)
The port is 25, how do I know if that is correct? It is the same as my desktop, but is that relevant
security type is none, same as desktop set up
require sign in is set to off, not the same as my desktop, so I’ll try changing that

Please tell me your mail providers name, i will check.



No need, altering the require sign in, and mails sent
(Provider is BT)
Still interested to know if there is a guide available that covers this kind of detail, for us newcomers to Android, perhaps a new thread?
Thanks for your help

This has nothing to do with Android. The settings depend on your provider. Normally your provider should have a page like this. :smile:



Thanks for the reference, which I could not find on BT’s web site.

Reminded me why I’m not using IMAP - large existing folder structure in Outlook which I’ll lose when/ if I switch from POP, but, using a smartphone for access, I need to reconsider that security risk.

Thanks again for your help - I am a step nearer feeling I know how to use this device (still struggling with Apps!)

You’re welcome. :smile:

I always search those site through Google search. Most of the time content is much easier to find then using the websites search function.

I see an advantage for IMAP in your user scenario: You will have the folder structure throughout all of your devices, not only just your local mail software.



That’s not exactly correct. While POP doesn’t support a server-side folder structure, IMAP does.

You could disable your POP account (not delete it, just deactivate it) in Outlook, create an IMAP account for the same account and drag/drop your existing folder structure from your local POP mailbox to the IMAP inbox.
Through the magic of IMAP, your local folder structure and messages will be pushed from your computer to the mail server. Just verify in your IMAP account settings that no messages are deleted from the server etc.

If you then access the same account through IMAP on your smartphone (or another computer, doesn’t matter), you have access to the same folder structure, since it is stored on the mail server itself.

What security risk are you referring to? Accessing your mailbox from your desktop computer or accessing it through the exact same mechanism from your phone, has the same security implications.

I’d even argue that keeping your mail on a remote server is safer (from a not-losing-your-data point of view) than only keeping it on your computer: if your computer crashes, explodes, gets hosed by a virus, … your mail is gone.
Big service providers on the other hand usually have adequate backup procedures for the servers they maintain.

Thanks for this. I’m just putting off doing it, as everything works fine and I don’t expect to use the phone as my main email tool.
On security, may be I’m naive, but just think using e-mail ‘outside’ not on my internet connection, as I will sometimes with the fairphone, is more risky than at home. My outlook ‘pst’ files and archives are backed up on the cloud (Carbonite) and to local hard disk stored away from PC so reduced that risk, though I’m sure you are correct, BT’s servers will be more secure than that!