/e/ installation failing (easy-installer AND manual)

Hi !

I was really enthusiastic about /e/ and wanted to give it a try.

I downloaded the easy-installer, did everything (developer mode and file transfer), but the installer seems to be blocked at the “device detection” step (I can access to my files from my computer so the USB seems fine)…

I tried this guide but when I try to unlock the bootloader with my IMEI and Serial number, the unlock code I obtain doesn’t work… yes, I verified it several times, made someone else verify IMEI, SN and code : everything should work but it doesn’t.

Could anyone help ? Have you ever encounter the same problem ?
I’d really like to say goodbye to Google ^^’
Thanks a lot.

Could it be that you first have to put the pin tot unlock the screen before you can unlock the bootloader?

Have you been connected to the internet while trying to unlock?
Did you have a look at e.g. this topic?

If it doesn’t help you might search for other solutions using this link:


I obtained a valid OEM code with this link, thanks to you. I’ll try again tomorrow to install manually /e/ :slight_smile:

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