/e/ (formerly Eelo) first beta is here and it supports FP2!

No one?
Okay … I think I will try to dirty flash LOSmicroG 14.1 and then do an upgrade to 15.1 in a couple of days…
What could possibly go wrong :sweat_smile:

I don’t think preserving data will work when switching from /e/ to LOS, but you can try. Just make a backup before and if it all fails wipe the phone and make a clean install.


And if it doesn’t, then go back to your previous TWRP backup and save individually your favorite apps e.g. with Titanium backup…

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Own (Google independent!) app store is now there! :slight_smile:


Here are some screenshots of that app store. It’s quite interesting I must say:

The F-Droid Store is of course available on the /e/ store.

Not all infos are stored in the metadata yet it seems, but the /e/ store shows a lot of cool info.

In the F-Droid app there are no trackers, duh!

As an app store F-Droid needs a lot of permissions and because of that it only has a 5/10 score for privacy (first screenshot).

Facebook on the other hand of course has a 0/10 privacy score…

…and lots of trackers.

Compared to F-Droid the /e/ app store has:

  • more apps (though lots of apps available on F-Droid are still missing - in turn there seems to be a lot of junk)
  • no inclusion policy - so e.g. proprietary apps are included too.
  • no way to filter out apps with trackers
  • more info about included trackers within the client app (in F-Droid you have to go to the wiki site about the app to find out more info).
  • no way to downgrade apps
  • no info about whether e.g. the servers the app accesses are free software

but some of that may still change.


One additional advantage of /e/ app store compared to F-Droid, Yalp et al is that (because /e/ app store is part of the system) it installs apps even with “install from unknown sources” disabled in security settings.

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For F-Droid thats also possible if you flash https://f-droid.org/de/packages/org.fdroid.fdroid.privileged.ota/

From what I understood, FPOOS has it preinstalled. And I successfully use it with Lineage OS.

Edit: from some Android version onwards the global “allow unknown sources” option was replaced by a similar setting per app. So one would allow f-droid to install apps. Maybe the priviledged extension becomes obsolete by that?


Nonsense ranking, IMHO.


I agree. If all you go by is permissions and trackers I guess you should rather multiply than add them. 0x5=0

Nice try… although the official Facebook app doesn’t have any external tracker, and that doesn’t qualify it as a 0, exactly… :sweat_smile:

Ponderating privacy is a challenging task, for sure. But c’mon, surely F-Droid is not in the mediocrity.

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There’s now a (at least test) version of /e/ basing on Android Pie resp lineageOS 16:


Sounds great! How are your experiences so far? Do you think it is possibly to shift from LineageOS16 (+microg) to /e/ Oreo without losing my apps?

I don’t have experiences so far with /e/ Pie. The “official” /e/ OS (Android Nougat) works fine. Shift from LOS16 to /e/ Oreo will probably not work (it’d be a downgrade of Android version). LOS16 to /e/ Android Pie might work without losing apps but I’m not too optimistic…! (I’ve never tried it out)

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I didn’t tested it but I’d advise to make a “Titanium backup” of your apps (or similar) one by one, then start with a fresh install. Remember to do a full TWRP backup to be able to go back to your LOS16 afterwards.

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Have you already tried to switch from lineageOS to /e/ pie (following the advice of @oli.sax )?

This is exactly what I did to go from /e/ nougat to /e/ pie and after using the pie version for more than two weeks I can say it works without issues for me.


Didn’t try yet… lack of time at the moment. And titanum also needs root no? Didn’t look into how to root yet…

Yes (at least temporarily for backup/restore).

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On LineageOS, to activate root is really easy, only one file to flash from TWRP recovery (addonsu-xx.x-arm-signed.zip where xx.x is LOS version number) then allowing Root in developper’s settings (7 taps on version number if you did’t have it yet)

Thanks I got that. As I found a new /e/ Test build that runs with Android Pie I want to give it a try.

Can someone tell me how to root with /e/??

Btw. I tried /e/ fast after a factory reset. however when I tried to restore my data partition used with lineage, /e/ didnt like that :frowning: