/e/ (formerly Eelo) first beta is here and it supports FP2!

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No one?
Okay … I think I will try to dirty flash LOSmicroG 14.1 and then do an upgrade to 15.1 in a couple of days…
What could possibly go wrong :sweat_smile:

I don’t think preserving data will work when switching from /e/ to LOS, but you can try. Just make a backup before and if it all fails wipe the phone and make a clean install.


And if it doesn’t, then go back to your previous TWRP backup and save individually your favorite apps e.g. with Titanium backup…

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Own (Google independent!) app store is now there! :slight_smile:


Here are some screenshots of that app store. It’s quite interesting I must say:

The F-Droid Store is of course available on the /e/ store.

Not all infos are stored in the metadata yet it seems, but the /e/ store shows a lot of cool info.

In the F-Droid app there are no trackers, duh!

As an app store F-Droid needs a lot of permissions and because of that it only has a 5/10 score for privacy (first screenshot).

Facebook on the other hand of course has a 0/10 privacy score…

…and lots of trackers.

Compared to F-Droid the /e/ app store has:

  • more apps (though lots of apps available on F-Droid are still missing - in turn there seems to be a lot of junk)
  • no inclusion policy - so e.g. proprietary apps are included too.
  • no way to filter out apps with trackers
  • more info about included trackers within the client app (in F-Droid you have to go to the wiki site about the app to find out more info).
  • no way to downgrade apps
  • no info about whether e.g. the servers the app accesses are free software

but some of that may still change.


One additional advantage of /e/ app store compared to F-Droid, Yalp et al is that (because /e/ app store is part of the system) it installs apps even with “install from unknown sources” disabled in security settings.

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For F-Droid thats also possible if you flash https://f-droid.org/de/packages/org.fdroid.fdroid.privileged.ota/

From what I understood, FPOOS has it preinstalled. And I successfully use it with Lineage OS.

Edit: from some Android version onwards the global “allow unknown sources” option was replaced by a similar setting per app. So one would allow f-droid to install apps. Maybe the priviledged extension becomes obsolete by that?


Nonsense ranking, IMHO.


I agree. If all you go by is permissions and trackers I guess you should rather multiply than add them. 0x5=0

Nice try… although the official Facebook app doesn’t have any external tracker, and that doesn’t qualify it as a 0, exactly… :sweat_smile:

Ponderating privacy is a challenging task, for sure. But c’mon, surely F-Droid is not in the mediocrity.

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There’s now a (at least test) version of /e/ basing on Android Pie resp lineageOS 16:


Sounds great! How are your experiences so far? Do you think it is possibly to shift from LineageOS16 (+microg) to /e/ Oreo without losing my apps?

I don’t have experiences so far with /e/ Pie. The “official” /e/ OS (Android Nougat) works fine. Shift from LOS16 to /e/ Oreo will probably not work (it’d be a downgrade of Android version). LOS16 to /e/ Android Pie might work without losing apps but I’m not too optimistic…! (I’ve never tried it out)

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I didn’t tested it but I’d advise to make a “Titanium backup” of your apps (or similar) one by one, then start with a fresh install. Remember to do a full TWRP backup to be able to go back to your LOS16 afterwards.

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Have you already tried to switch from lineageOS to /e/ pie (following the advice of @oli.sax )?

This is exactly what I did to go from /e/ nougat to /e/ pie and after using the pie version for more than two weeks I can say it works without issues for me.

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Didn’t try yet… lack of time at the moment. And titanum also needs root no? Didn’t look into how to root yet…

Yes (at least temporarily for backup/restore).

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On LineageOS, to activate root is really easy, only one file to flash from TWRP recovery (addonsu-xx.x-arm-signed.zip where xx.x is LOS version number) then allowing Root in developper’s settings (7 taps on version number if you did’t have it yet)

Thanks I got that. As I found a new /e/ Test build that runs with Android Pie I want to give it a try.

Can someone tell me how to root with /e/??

Btw. I tried /e/ fast after a factory reset. however when I tried to restore my data partition used with lineage, /e/ didnt like that :frowning: