/e/ (formerly Eelo) first beta is here and it supports FP2!

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Hi @oli.sax

you can use Signal to send and receive SMS too. You can later choose if you want to exchange data messages with a specific contact rather than SMS. Unfortunately you cannot choose per message. Install other messengers using SMS like QKSMS in case and choose them as default at first run. There are messengers in F-Droid for encrypted SMS as well.


The OS itself is stable… just some new things are not fully polished, yet.
Like the launcher asked to turn on location on every reboot (for the weather widget), the file synchronization shows a message on every upload (debug), files get uploaded twice, file sync eats up data … I didn’t use the sync since the very beginnning, so maybe some stuff is fixed already…
Those things are work in progress.


The last few days I tested /e/ on an Austrian Fairphoner’s demo phone and I’m quite impressed.

It’s great for people who are privacy aware and like freedom, but:

  • want an OS that works like G%§$e Android or iOS without any modifications or hacks
  • want to cloud-sync all their data
  • don’t want the useless vanilla android apps preinstalled
  • don’t mind still sending some data to G%§$e
  • for some reason like an iOS style launcher

For me personally it’s not the right fit right now, because on standard Lineage OS I have more freedom:

  • no proprietary maps app preinstalled
  • no microG sending data to G%§$e by default

I posted a longer review on the /e/ forum.

Share your DIY-white-slim-cover-designs

Seems like the second beta is coming soon:


If they managed to get rid of the network standby battery drain issue, it might be worth the switch from LOS+microG to /e/OS :thinking:


I’ve installed version e-0.1-201811212056-nightly-FP2 following instruction at https://gitlab.e.foundation/e/wiki/en/wikis/device/FP2/install. Installation was easy and it seems to run perfectly.


In the instructions I don’t see where to save the downloaded .img and .zip files for the commands to find them?


Put the .img into the directory on the PC where you have fastboot installed (resp. where you start the command).
Put the.zip (according to step 8.) on the root of /sdcard (on the phone).
You might also ask any /e/ specific question in the /e/ user forum.